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    I had my Brother test at the 67 marker test and there is not 1 person with the same surname and no matches, we are having a backbone test run, so maybe that will help, but how is this possible? Last year I had him test with, and they had him in Haplogroup I, but FamilyTree cannot place him as yet, I'm just confused. Any help is welcomed! Carrie

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    There are two things that can decrease matches , the first is a rare haplogroup and the second is a lack of people from the country of our ancestors. Remember the majority of people who test are americans many of whom have roots in the UK.
    My family is from Canada and are French. There are not many continental French in the database. So I have no matches at any marker level and I am still been waiting for over a year. This is of course is the same for many people with roots in untested countries . Sometimes it may just take time before something shows up.


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      My grandfather is in a very similar position to Brunetmj - he is French Canadian, and while he has a dozen or so matches at 12 markers, he has zero at anything higher. His haplogroup is I1, and I've since learned that there are very few men of French descent in the database. Learning your haplogroup is at least something, and then it's kind of just a waiting game . . . you hope that eventually someone who matches you will test.


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        Thanks for the information, Interesting, according to family tree, Surname has it's origin in France. I did FF and results are 89.19 French,Orcadian,Spanish-10,81 Tuscan,Finnish,Romanian,Sardinian. So makes total sense. Carrie