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  • Question posted results?

    Hi, Twice this week I have had an email saying, the results are in (38-47 on my brothers Y test) yet although the actual data is, there are NO matches of any sort?!!!!! He has six pages up to the 37 marker, quite a few at one step?!!!! Can that mean there are none at this time. Thanks Julie.

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    It can take the computerized system a week or two to post matches for the new panel of markers (and I believe you meant 38-67). In addition, it is likely many (or at least some) of the matches at 37 markers will likely fall apart when extended to 67 markers. This is especially true if you are close to the WAMH (Western Atlantic Modal Haplotype).


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      Thank you

      Thank you for that, yes it is going to the 67 markers, but that was telling me the results of the first panel were their.


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        FTDNA shows matches at the following levels: 12, 25, 37 and 67. They don't show matches at 47 markers. You'll have to wait until all of the markers from 38 through 67 are posted before you'll be able to see matches above 37 markers.

        You will be able to see these matches as soon as the markers are posted. There is no delay for Y-DNA matches.