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    We're beginning to get results back from our first Y test which has the excitement growing.

    We have two of our panels back and I'm trying to understand the results. I'm hoping someone can clarify.

    On panell 1, DYS19 is listed with two asterisks (**) after it and DYS389II is listed with three asterisks. I don't see an explanation on the page for those asterisks. Can someone explain the significance?

    Also, the result for DYS385 is 11-14 and DYF395S1 is 15-16. Does this mean the test wasn't able to determine the exact number of repeats? What does that mean?

    Thanks for any help!

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    On your standard y-STR results page click on page help and it will show the following legend

    ยค This result is new since your last login.
    * A value of “0” for any marker indicates that the lab reported a null value for this marker. Our labs retest all cases of null values multiple times to confirm their accuracy. Mutations causing null values are infrequent, but fathers pass on null values to their sons just like other Y-DNA mutations. Therefore, related male lineages such as a father and a son are likely to share null values.
    ** DYS19 is also known as DYS394.
    *** Family Tree DNA and the Genographic Project report DYS389II differently.

    In regards to DYS385 is 11-14 and DYF395S1 is 15-16, these markers have 2 sets of repeats, a and b. DYS385a is 11 and DYS385b is 14. This is common for most people (having 2 values).

    Another example is DYS464 which usually has 4 sets of repeats, but some people have 5.


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      Thanks! I had missed the help link. Your explanation cleared up alll my confusion!