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Our Y-DNA Curiousity - Updated

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  • Our Y-DNA Curiousity - Updated

    I had posted a list of my dad's Y-DNA matches a few months ago, at 37 markers - dad is a Sessions. Since then, he, along with some of the other matches, has upgraded to 67 markers, and every one of his matches held up. Not only that, we now have another Sessions who matches dad at 36/37 and will probably soon upgrade to 67. This would give us 3 Sessions, 2 Lewallens and 3 Davises! There are some other Davises who only tested to 37 whom I suspect would continue to match with further testing.

    Can anyone venture a guess as to why a person would have so many matches at such a high level with 3 surnames involved? We have actually started a FaceBook group among these matches as we try to ferret out what happened back around 1800 or so, but any and all opinions are welcome. Please???
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    Incidentally, to those of you who replied last time, I do appreciate your responses. The issue of Welsh surnames is a definite possibility!