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  • downloading GEDCOM

    When I'm on MyFTDNA, I see a message: " You have not yet uploaded your GEDCOM. Enter your genealogical information to help you connect with others."
    Does anyone know WHERE one can download this GEDCOM-software?

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    Well there are several family tree programs out here.
    Here is a link to some favored here

    There are free ones , I have tried a few but dint care for them
    Perhaps someone else can post a link for a free program .
    At any rate you use this type of software to develop your family tree.
    When you finish you use the software to export it to a Gedcom file - unless of course the software is already saving itself as a Gedcom .
    A Gedcom file is similar to a text file when using a word processor.
    In that it is a standard for all family tree software programs.
    Anyway after saving your work as a Gedcom you then upload it to FTDNA


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      OK, thx very much!