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Can a female join a Surname Project?

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  • Can a female join a Surname Project?

    I'd like to know if a female can join a Surname Project. I'm hoping to have a male relative (who has absolutely no interest in genealogy) take a Y-DNA test within the next few months, but I haven't asked him yet. If he does, I'll be managing his account, if that makes any difference.

    Thanks very much.

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    Yes! I had a close male relative donate for the YDNA test and joined our Surname project. I administer the account; all he did was donate the dna.


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      I'm new here and so I won't say what I was thinking when I read this thread!


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        Yes, put his name as the kit holder, then his address if you want the kit sent to him directly, you can change the contact address to yours after that.

        Put your email as the main email and his as the 2nd email if he wants that.
        You will then be sent the personal page password and be the contact for any matches etc.
        His name will show up in the project as the man tested.

        I have many male cousins tested with me as the contact.