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  • Is this a good match?

    I have a match who is Y111 GD 8 & 12/635 difference with Big Y. He is E-BY78965 as are my 2 Big Y matches.They both have Cornish connections . One of those is at Yfull and shares the terminal hg E- Y45878 with me. He is listed as a close STR match i.e 0.031 14/455 difference

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    Depends what you mean by "good". Sharing a terminal SNP is probably meaningful in terms of deep patrilineal ancestry, assuming your particular branch of the Y haplotree has been well sampled. Do all the nearby kits on your branch (or twig) of the haplotree come from the same general area? Do most of them have the same surname? You have two places to evaluate this question, at YFull and at FTDNA -- do they tell roughly the same story?

    However, from a genealogical standpoint, even if most of the kits on your branch suggest Cornish origins, the connection may be too far back in time to be of immediate genealogical use. For me, the main use of the Y haplotree revealed by Big Y is that I can RULE OUT the families with the same name that fall somewhere else in the haplotree -- I now know for sure that they aren't mine! I think that information is a great time saver. There is so much genealogy to be explored in a lifetime.


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      I have only the person previously mentioned sharing a terminal SNP with me at Yfull. . He has a different surname to me.The TMRCA is given as 1100 (1800650) .