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I don't know HOW to read my Big Y Results

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  • I don't know HOW to read my Big Y Results

    I have just receieved my BIG Y results and I do not know how to read them at all. Apparently, I only have two matches, but when I click on to the BIG Y Block tree I have a lot more. However, I don't know how to interpret the figures, for example, what does 12 out of 605 mean? Why aren't these figures out of 700?

    How do I interpret how close I am to these matches genetically?

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    This article by Roberta Estes may be of some help: "Family Tree DNA’s New Big Y Block Tree." This is from Jan. 2019, and refers to Big Y-500 and a tutorial. I do not see a tutorial any more, and of course we are now up to Big Y-700, but otherwise not much else has changed (the "Origins" ring shown in the article no longer appears).

    You can scroll down to the section "You and Your Matches on the Block Tree" to cut to the chase.
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      You might also glean something from a more recent Big Y-700 post by Roberta, "Y DNA: Step-by-Step Big Y Analysis," from May 2020. She walks you through a study of a kit she manages. The "Big Y Matches" section may be of the most interest to you.


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        That’s so helpful, it is very difficult to find information on interpreting Big Y results! Thank you very much KATM!