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Rinsing mouth before Y700 test

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  • Rinsing mouth before Y700 test

    Since there seems to be no place on the forums for rather general questions about swabbing I will ask this here (and no the learning center does not answer these types of questions). Since the suggestion for swabbing is not to eat or drink or brush teeth before swabbing is it okay to thoroughly rinse your mouth if you use dental cream. I know the suggestion is to swab right after getting up in the morning but some people wear their dentures all night so it's very possible there will be denture cream in their mouths. Also, what about smoking during the night (some people father used to) . Does that cause a problem with the test? These areas are NOT addressed at all in the learning center or the FAQs . Also, if you write a y700 specialist all they do is send back a very general copy of what to do without addressing specific questions even if those questions were asked .. This is unacceptable considering the long waits for test results and then being told a sample doesn't pass quality control....not one time but three times. The lab should be able to tell you why the sample didn't pass quality control....contamination....not enough DNA present...etc. After failing QC a number of times the lab should send an EXACT list of what to do or not do to get a quality sample. This is entirely unacceptable considering how much the Y700 test costs .

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    You raise good points. And it used to be easier to find topics in the Learning Center than it has been in recent months.

    I was able to do a search for "swab," however, and got this page:
    There, under the step-by-step directions, it says:
    If you wear dentures or have a condition that causes excessive dry mouth, we highly recommend you swab first thing upon waking before eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. Use one swab on one cheek and one swab on the other cheek with the above directions. This will increase your chances of a high-quality swab for testing.
    Step 1 on that page says "Wait at least one hour after eating or drinking." I would include both cleaning/rinsing away denture cream and refraining from smoking in that "after" direction. If he wears dentures overnight and there is dental cream in the mouth upon waking, rinse it out, wait an hour, then swab. If he smokes during the night, wait an hour after smoking to swab. The latter might be tough for heavy smokers. The key is "one hour after."

    I don't have experience with dentures, but have the impression that dentures are removed at night. If the person testing does so, and rinses or otherwise cleans his mouth of denture cream the night before, he should be good to swab first thing in the morning (if he hasn't smoked for an hour).

    I would also emphasize to scrape each cheek with one of the swabs for a full minute (that way he should do it for at least 30 seconds, if he doesn't make it to a minute), and to do it well (dare I say "vigorously?"). He doesn't have to injure himself, or draw blood, but the purpose is to collect cells. So no half-baked or wimpy swipes - make it count!

    Make sure the person is aware of the importance of when and how to swab. You could mention that he could gently "chew" (or gum?) the insides of the cheeks before swabbing; I've seen that recommended. Make sure he knows to wash his hands before starting to use the kit.


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      Thanks so much. I'm going to reword this somewhat and send it to my cousin who is now having to submit a 3rd kit. As you can tell I'm getting frustrated. It's been seven months now since he was first batched.

      I just purchased upgrades for two other cousins and requested that Family Tree send them new kits and to wait until they were received to do the testing. I hope to not go through this again.


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        I can empathize. I had a similar experience a few years ago, and it is very frustrating. I hope all goes well for you with this go-around!


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          KATM, the results came in today after almost seven months. I was getting ready to mail my cousin his 3rd sample kit today with a long list of instructions which I really didn't want to have to do. Didn't want him to feel stupid or anything but was ready to do anything to get results and not lose my money too.


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            Whew! I'm glad you didn't have to go through that again.