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How do I contact a person who shares my Terminal SNP?

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  • How do I contact a person who shares my Terminal SNP?


    This follows FTDNA tellling me from my Big-Y test that I am the sole person to have R-S7293 as their Terminal SNP.

    This is to ask for help in searching for an Ellefsen who shares myTerminal SNP, but now has a sub-SNP as their terminal.

    I have found a reference in the now defunct Scandanavian R-L21* FTDNA Project Group:

    Stevo (project co-administrator) wrote in 2009:

    ——————— Start of extract —————-

    “We just had another Norwegian go L21+ today: Christopherson, ancestral surname Johnson, from Marskard (modern Marskaret), Norway (way up north).

    “He's still waiting on an M222 result.

    “The interesting thing is he has an exact 37-marker match with another Norwegian in the R-P312 and Sunclades Project: Ellefsen, ancestral surname Andersen, from Nordland, Norway. Ellefsen has already been tested for M222 and is M222-.

    “Ellefsen is P312+ but hasn't ordered L21 yet. Given his exact 37-marker match with Christopherson, there is good reason to believe he will be L21+, too.

    “Right now four out of the five Norwegian P312s who have tested for L21 are L21+. If Ellefsen is also L21+ (which looks highly likely), that would mean five out of six Norwegians are L21+.”
    ——————— End of extract —————-

    I also found an entry for what looks like the same Ellefsen in a more recent but apparently also defunct (they have no administrator and no e-mail addresses) Project Group called Schjelderup.

    The Y-DNA Classic Chart for this Project Group included the following entry:

    Kit No: 33413
    Name: Ellefsen
    Male-line source: Anders Andersen c1659-1736, Rana, NRL
    Country: Norway
    SNP: R-S7293

    This Ellefsen looks very much the same as the one in 2009 and must later have later taken a Big-Y test to have their Terminal SNP.

    From the Big-Y Block Tree table, there were two such members of R-S7293, both from Norway. I guess they were close relations.

    Two days after informing me that I also was a member, of 3 people worldwide, of R-S7293, FTDNA changed this Ellefsen entry to R-BY76151 and said this was a subclass of R-S7293. I am now the only person with R-S7293 as a Terminal SNP.

    My male line ancestry remains English. These Ellefsens are a subgroup of my Terminal SNP, so they must be descended from some of my male line ancestors.

    It looks like these Ellefsens have now withdrawn from FTDNA, I can find no contact information.

    How can I contact them to explore the possibilities (or, indeed, apparent certainty) of our relationship to one another?