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Terminal SNP refinements after Big Y test completed announcement?

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  • Terminal SNP refinements after Big Y test completed announcement?

    So the proper thing to do would be to just sit tight for a week and see what happens, but impatience overruled... I think I’ve seen references in project activity feeds and forum questions, but nothing I recall as being definitive (or mentioned in the Big Y learning center pages), so I’ll ask explicitly: my kit B419169 had its Big Y results ready notification yesterday. Terminal SNP is FT10498 - there has been only 1 one other tester with this result, but 50+ have FT10498 sub-clade SNP’s. Can I expect perhaps to see my terminal SNP change over the next week to one of its sub-clades?

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    Probably not, congratulations, you won the lottery nobody wants to win in Y-DNA testing. You're currently part of a "basal" grouping at this time because nobody else among the people "downstream" from you have markers common with you. You can take heart in knowing you helped them to further differentiate their line from others by simply not being part of their line.

    Sounds like you might be part of a line that either has not yet begun to test, in which case you'll probably be waiting awhile yet, or your line has effectively experienced a bottleneck and there just simply aren't enough brother/cousin lines out there to help break things apart further for your specific line.

    All things considered, we're still "Early days" as only a very small percentage of the male population has been extensively sequenced on the Y Chromosome, so there is hope to be had. But be prepared for a long wait.