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  • Big Y 500 and 700

    I have a couple questions about the Big Y. I have seven matches at the Y111 level five of whom have taken the Big Y. How can I tell if this was the 500 or the 700 or if part took the 500 and part the 700? All five have the same terminal snp. I haven't taken the Big Y but am considering the 700. Are the terminal snps different for the 500 than the 700? I guess they would be since more snps are tested in the 700. If that's the case and the other five men have only taken the 500 how will I be able to tell if my results match theirs at the 500 level?

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    The short answer is to just take the Big-Y700 test, because other than forcing the Big-Y500 testers to update, there is nothing you can do to change the situation. There is about 5.6 million new locations with the Big-Y700 test, so a massive difference. If the sub-clade name is a FTxxxxxx SNP (new, only with the Big-Y700 test), which is rare, then you might have a problem. Sometimes you can tell by a STR marker match. Big-Y500 has about 400 markers, Big-Y700 has about 600 markers.