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    Just got confirmation of new snp downstream of R-BY17958; that being R-FGC65842. My great nephew, Edward also has this. My paternal birth father(1902-1978) was Edward's paternal great-grandfather. I was born 1958 & Edward was born in the mid 1980s. We already knew the approximate age of R-BY17958 was between 1538-1672, so this snp mutated between 1693-1902. There are 5 equivalent snps showing w/R-FGC65842, so that will probably sort out eventually.

    Best regards, Doug

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    In order to clarify things more; the Big Y 700 results confirmed 6 new snps. R-FGC65842 & five new snps: FT52232, FT53643, FT53647, FT54076, FT54822. I know that these snps mutated between 1693-1902, which is a 209 year period, divided by six rounds up to 35 yrs per snp mutation. Between 1693-1902 there were 8 generations, so there were two generations with no mutation but six with a mutation.