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Are YFull, The Big Tree an alternative to Big Y supplementary SNP tests?

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  • Are YFull, The Big Tree an alternative to Big Y supplementary SNP tests?


    I just received my Big-Y result, I-Y10646 with 1 match. Under addition SNP tests, familytreedna recommends tests for Y11557 and Y11558. My question is are Yfull, Big Tree perhaps better alternatives to doing the additional 2 SNP tests on familytreedna, the cost isn't much different?

    Also when waiting for Big Y there were 16 matches at 12 markers, 3 at zero distance, zero at higher no of markers but the person who is a match on Big-Y wasn't one of the 16, how is this, I assumed Big Y was inclusive of the smaller tests?


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    Big-Y would have tested those two SNPs. You can search your Big-Y results for those SNPs to see what the reads were for each. The recommendation doesn't take into account that you did the Big-Y test already.

    If you and your match are not both members of the same project, any marker difference at 12 markers would make him not show as a match. So the two of you have enough markers that have shifted apart from each other to not show under the 12, 25, 37, 67, and 111 marker matches even though you are a Big-Y match. If you are both members of the same haplogroup project, you could see the differences and understand why you don't show up as marker matches.


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      Thank you very much for both answers