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Question on BigY Block Tree and MRCA

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  • Question on BigY Block Tree and MRCA

    Good afternoon:

    So, my Haplogroup was refined again today. It looks like I was put in a brand new group with one other individual with the last name of Hill (we had both previously been Q-L245 until I got my Y-700 results and I ended up reclassified as Q-FGC1891). The other man stayed at Q-L245, until today when we were both put in this new Haplogroup branch. I know there is supposedly a way to "read" the Big-Y block tree to determine how far back you and your match may reach a common ancestor. I am not sure how that works. Can someone look at the Block tree attached and let me know if there is a way to tell how far back to start looking for a common ancestor?

    Just trying to figure out where the most logical date range to start looking for that common ancestor. Let me add, this match and I DO NOT match on FamilyFinder.

    The TIP Report is helpful, but am not sure exactly where to start looking. Do I look at the generation that crosses the 50% possibility threshold? The TIP report with my other Big Y match shows the following:

    4 - 11.62%
    5 - 22.73%
    6 - 35.76%
    7 - 49.02%
    8 - 61.21%
    9 - 71.55%
    10 - 79.81%
    11 - 86.07%
    12 - 90.63%

    Big Y block tree results.JPG