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So I had my sample run through the Big Y 700 test

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  • So I had my sample run through the Big Y 700 test

    What are we supposed to learn from this? Everything there is to read seems vague. I can't tell what the history of my particular haplogroup is. There's just information about the bigger Haplogroup R1-a. I can't follow the trail of my ancient ancestors. Where can I go to get further information if the site doesn't give it?

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    You should join the R1a Project if you haven't already:

    An external and unaffiliated website known as collates Big Y samples and other similar results from various other testing companies (as well as scientific data from NCBI's Genbank repository) into a single haplotree where you can compare your results and match with other users. Not to mention that they discover new SNPs and haplogroups with your data (FTDNA already does this to an extent) that are otherwise unknown to the public by comparing your data to other users (who may not have tested with FTDNA) as well as scientific samples from Genbank to confirm new haplogroups that are submitted to ISOGG's SNP index and Y chromosome tree:

    Here is the R1a tree as it appears on Yfull, IDs that do not begin with "YF" are scientific samples and the salmon coloured ones are ancient ones, if you do an internet search on any of these sample ids, you should be able to find a relevant research paper:

    FTDNA does have its own Y tree as well:;name=R-M198