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Big Y 700: what about YFull and BIg Tree?

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  • Big Y 700: what about YFull and BIg Tree?

    Just wondered if anyone has heard whether YFull or the Big Tree have announced any plans to process Big Y 700 results, especially for men who are currently in their respective databases. Not exactly an urgent question, as I don't have the Big Y 700 results yet, but I hope some way can be found to integrate the analysis of the new results with the older Big Y 500 results.

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    I have already started using yfull for Big-Y700 upgrade results. They treat it as a whole new test, a new sample, because it is, in fact, a new data set. Now when I placed the order, I referenced the sample id of the BY500 BAM from the same person. As it happened, they generated a new sample id. This is actually good because they provide a utility for comparing data on the same person generated by different NGS providers. I don't know about Big Tree. Not a user.


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      Excellent! Is there anything on the YFull web site about this situation?