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How do we generate BAM for Y500 > Y700 upgrades?

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  • How do we generate BAM for Y500 > Y700 upgrades?

    When new Y500 or later Y700 results came in, the 'Download Raw Data' button showed a 'Generate BAM' button. On clicking this, in a day or two this button was replaced with a 'Download BAM (size)' button and a 'Share BAM' button.

    On upgraded Y500 to Y700 results, the old 'Download BAM (size)' and 'Share BAM' buttons remain with the BAM being the old Y500 one. (Size the same and checking results it is the same). There is no button to Generate the new BAM.

    If you had to request the BAM for the old Y500, I suspect that we would need to request the Y700 BAM but there is no facility to do so. Any thoughts?

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    I suggest using the Contact Support link at the top right of the page. Email them or call them. Ask them about this and they should know what to do.


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      Thank you, I have taken your advice and made a request through 'Customer Support.' Hopefully FTDNA have thought this one out?