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  • Big Y haplogroup change

    I recently noticed a change in my father's Big Y haplogroup. Apparently this was a result of being switched to the new Big Y 500?

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    A change of haplogroup? Well when Big Y results come in, the haplogroup is bound to change. As new testers that share some of those SNPs take the Big Y, the haplogroup will change again. The new Big Y is the Big Y700.


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      Do you mean it changed to a deeper branch? (This happens when "a closer match" gets tested)

      Or do you mean it changed to a entirely different part of the haplotree?

      BigY tests, even the old ones, went fairly deep into the Y Chromosome, so even without upgrading to Y700 it is possible and even probable most Y500 tests will see further differentiation of their test results over time as people test who share matching Y-DNA segments. Y700 does test everything Y500 did after all.

      What Y700 does do is test a few million additional base pairs, so there are more chances for common and dissimilar DNA segments alike to be identified, creating more chances for new clusters/branches to be formed that Y500 can't do because it had no data to compare against.


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        Haplogroup labels can also change when a new result splits an existing block of equivalent SNPs.

        Coverage statistics of various types of y-tests can been found at Compare the Y500 numbers to the Y700 to see how much better it is. Note that the Y700 test coverage equals the results that some of us got 5 years ago from other vendors. Having FTDNA finally getting around to updating the BigY test is a good thing for the community. But now we are into long read results....
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