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  • Does anyone know the estimated timeframe for results on the Big Y-700 when upgraded from Y111? I'm figuring on 8-10 weeks, but that is based on my Y111 test conducted last year.


    • The times below are from FTDNA's GAP page.
      The Big Y time should be close, with or without Y-DNA the STR testing.

      Lab turnaround time averages for December:

      Test 12/1/2021 12/8/2021
      Family Finder: 2-3 weeks 2-3 weeks
      MtDNA: 5-8 weeks 5-8 weeks
      YDNA: 4-6 weeks 4-5 weeks
      Big Y: 7-9 weeks 5-8 weeks
      SNPs: 2-6 weeks 3-7 weeks
      Jim Barrett
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      • Thanks, Jim. Those averages are better than I had hoped considering it is Christmastime. My Big Y was ordered Saturday, and batched yesterday so, I figured my results won't be back until the middle of February or later. Better late than never. :-)


        • BTW, in accordance with the request made in the very first post of this thread, my batch number is 1255. Ed+


          • Upgrade from Y111
            Big Y-700 Ordered 11/14/2021 1247
            Big Y-700 Batched 11/15/2021 1247
            Big Y-700 Completed 12/29/2021 1247


            • Thanks, Outis, for the update; hopefully you got the information you were looking for. My upgrade from Y111 to Y-700 was batched 12/13 (batch#1255) so, maybe, I'll have mine back in about three more weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed...


              • Hello. tell me the execution time from 37 to batch is 1261. sorry for my english


                • It has been taking 6 to 9 weeks for Big Y 700. Being an upgrade from 37 markers will not make much of a change.


                  • Upgrade 37 to BigY700

                    Ordered Nov 22 2021
                    Y111 Results Dec 15 2021
                    Big Y Results Jan 4 2022 which is 43 days or ~6 weeks
                    Manual Review(?) Jan 7 2022 added new subclade

                    Batch 1259

                    btw...the sample was from 2008


                    • New member here.

                      Big Y-700 Ordered 11/27/2021 1251
                      Big Y-700 Batched 11/29/2021 1251
                      Big Y-700 Completed 01/20/2022 1251 (8 weeks)

                      mtFull Sequence Ordered 11/27/2021 1251
                      mtFull Sequence Batched 11/29/2021 1251
                      mtFull Sequence Completed 12/14/2021 1251 (17 days)

                      I am a member of the Bennett project, Group 02, which is as far as I can tell is the only Bennett colonial family in the US that is not British. There are 26 members in Group 02, the majority of whom carry the Bennett surname. The USA members trace back to a MRCA who came to Brooklyn, NY in the early 1600's on a Dutch ship when NY was still under Dutch management. There are several original records for this man in the USA, but no passenger list and no records in Europe. He was a founding member of the colonial village that became Brooklyn, NY. His family is extensively documented from 1630 until around 1750, when the historical records become sparse until after 1800. Although he lived in a Dutch community, attended Dutch Churches, and married a Dutch woman, the single reference to his birth place, in a letter from the colonial governor, indicates that he was born in Denmark. This letter uses his birthplace in place of a surname: "Willem Adriaensz. van els seneur, cooper,". This phrase is translated in the index of the same document as: "Adriaensz, Willem, from Elsseneur, accounts, page 418". This translation is further clarified in the index: "Elsseneur (Helsingor)" to indicate that Willem was born in the Danish port city of Helsingør, which was also called Elsinore (of Hamlet fame). By an odd coincidence, Willem was born near the year that Hamlet was written (1609). But I digress.

                      We have a rudimentary cladogram for the group, but so far have been unable to clearly associate the branches in the cladogram with the historical family branches. More work is needed.

                      I noticed we now have group members from Denmark and the Netherlands. It would be amazing if one of those members has a family trees going back to 1600. If you do, please search for "Willem Adriaense" or "Willem Adriaensz" born sometime around 1605 and emigrated to New York in about 1636, before which date he may have lived in Helsingør.

                      Since Willem was personally known to the governor of colony, KILIAEN VAN RENSSELAER, it is likely that Willem came to North America on one of the governor's ships, but so far he has not been found on existing passenger lists.


                      • Ronald,

                        Thanks for the info concerning your batch, but also for sharing your family's history. It is wonderful that you have documentation going back that far; most of us don't.

                        As for the lab time for Y-700 results, it appears 8 weeks is the current norm. Since the "estimated date" is no longer available, I contacted customer service and was notified that my results (batch 1255, batched 12/13) are expected to be released 02/07 - right at 8 weeks.