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BigY results, no change in haplogroup, lots of Blue downstream. Is this correct?

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  • BigY results, no change in haplogroup, lots of Blue downstream. Is this correct?

    I am the administrator of my paternal side male cousin's tests here. Last year I had Big-Y done for him and according to the results, nothing changed. Nothing. He's still show as haplogroup I-Z63. In his haplotree and SNP section there are still many BLUE sections for major downstream variants such as BY151, BY3394, Y45940, PH5281, BY60761. I thought that Big Y was supposed to test for all down variants? Am I incorrect? I emailed the project group administrator who suggested I contact FTDNA; which I did. So far I have received no answer. Was in incorrect in thinking that BIG-Y is advertised to test for downstream possibilities?

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    BigY will "no call" on SNPs, and they also have a cutoff threshold that some argue is set too high. So in 80 reads you might have had a handful of reads that were positive and the rest no-call. FTDNA will rule it "no call" instead of positive. A single SNP test will keep running until it gets a positive or negative result back, no calls aren't a option for them.

    Because of this, the Y-dna haplogroup browser for Single SNP tests doesn't tend to get updates for clades "downstream" from where-ever the BigY placed you. It's likely your male cousin is sitting on a pile of novel/"private" SNP's and is currently waiting on somebody else to test who has "a good quality match" against his known SNP results. Until then he's I-Z63* in the system.

    Under Big Y Results, the no calls will be under the "?" category of the Derived column. Negative results are "No" and positive results are "Yes"
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