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Has anyone else gotten this email from Yfull?

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  • Has anyone else gotten this email from Yfull?

    Prof Mark Jobling and his PhD student Jodie Lampert at the University of Leicester, UK, are undertaking a project, "Growing the Y-chromosome tree with the help of citizen science".
    The project aims to enlist the help of "citizen scientists", members of the public who have undergone Y-chromosome sequencing via direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies, to gather as many Y sequences as possible from the British Isles (with a particular focus on Devon and Cornwall), and to combine these with published data.
    The aim is to explore the patrilineal history of this region, building a high-resolution Y phylogeny in which branch lengths are proportional to time, estimating the ages of major clusters and comparing with historical evidence for recent and ancient population movements and expansions.
    If you are interested in participating in this project and want to read more, please follow this link: