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Is my FTDNA Hg "I-BY88573" the same as a "Termanal SNP"?

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  • Is my FTDNA Hg "I-BY88573" the same as a "Termanal SNP"?

    I am Y-DNA Hg "I-M253," which was first refined or extended down to "I-Z60," and then just recently, my Hg was "extended" once again, this time to "I-BY88573." Am I correct in now calling "I-BY88573" my "Terminal SNP"?

    If I understand what I am looking at, "I-BY88573" is actually the name assigned by FTDNA to a SNP cluster, which includes (10) other SNPs, being BY155253; A9348; A9349; BY155249; A9350; BY87963; A9353; A9340; A9329; A9345.

    I am just a little unclear on how to refer to all this, and I do not want to use imprecise terminology.


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    "Terminal" is, in this case, not an absolute designation! It only refers to the last CURRENTLY KNOWN branch of your particular part of the Y haplotree. Somebody could discover a new SNP that splits your "terminal" branch at any time, even tomorrow!

    It is not easy to be sure that your "terminal" SNP really is terminal, because it takes some time for newly discovered SNP's to integrated into the trees displayed by the various vendors. Generally, most of us identify our particular branch by the most recent SNP that we know about. When there is a group of "equivalent" SNP's, the choice of which one to use to label a branch is arbitrary. It would make sense to use the name of the SNP that first defined that particular branch, and list the other, "equivalent" SNP's in a footnote, but I'm not sure there is even that much consistency in current usage.