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J-L70+ Z435- is Big Y worth it?

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  • J-L70+ Z435- is Big Y worth it?

    Trying to decide if a Big Y will give much usable info when sequence is J-L70+ and Z435- (and other standard downstream markers negative). The STRs are pretty rare (at 12 markers, only people in whole FTDNA database that match are others with same surname and beyond 12, the two lines of this surname do not match each other at the 25 marker level.) I am assuming all are J-L70 though only one tested. So the big Y would presumably give some snps that allow one to go beyond L70* place currently stuck at - but its not clear i could do anything with that info. I suppose if there is a registry somewhere of all the unique snps for those that are L70* not yet officially recognized, I could then see if we have any of those, even if the STRs are very different. I'm not immersed in the Big Y culture though, so don't even know if such a database exists, apart from what one can piece together by looking at projects where sometimes the headers and other results pages contain the info. Seems maybe like alot of work for very small odds of a payoff? But not sure, so curious what others think. Thanks.

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    Is Big Y worth it? That depends on what you want to learn. I want to expand my paternal line. Certain project admins kept telling me I needed Y-DNA111 and Big Y. I bought them and the only thing I have learned is the name of a more down stream SNP.


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      Hi Jim - That's exactly what i was "worried" about. Alot of bucks and time later and all I might have is to learn that I also have "Q7809097" downstream of L70 which no one else has. What i was hoping to learn is that if there is a public database of unrecogized snps/branches that people have been uncovering through Big Y, THEN it may be worth it. So i'd say ok we have Q7809... and now can check to see if anyone else has that and see where they are from and the surname. Anything like that exist? Do you get matches with the results when you do the big Y? What did you end up doing with your newly uncovered unrecognized downstream snps? Occurs to me i've never even seen a sample report for a big Y.


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        Big Y took my Haplogroup from R-DF49 to R-BY39877. YFull gives an age of 1550-4100 years, which doesn't help me at all. My interest is between 200 & 300 years ago.

        You might want to see

        I will not recommend Big Y to anyone. I feel some of the admins who are being strong arm about Big Y 500 are saying "I wasted my money, now I want you to do it also."


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          Thanks Jim. That's helpful. will check out the link also. I guess if I could go back 700-800 years, that would be helpful for this line. But then also saw that number of matches was recently way reduced/criteria tightened which could be a problem. ok, not likely to do it especially given the price increase and force to also order 111 str. I find the latter pretty amusing given results at just 12 and 25 markers. So in principle, sure, but not worth the cost at present.


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            It varies between points on the Y tree as to how effective it can be. In my case there is a GD of 1 at Y-67 and a surname project admin thought they must be a close relative since they were the next county over. The trees showed at least a couple of generations back before either of us had was the closest that made sense to me since they were born about 10 years apart on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Big Y shows the TMRCA in the range 850-275 with their branch splitting multiple ways and having a TMRCA in the range 700-100. So the Big Y helps to show the connection is well beyond our 200-250 year trees and more on the order of 500 years ago or more. Maybe I'm more lucky that there are more changes in faster mutation areas to help refine the branching and splitting where I fit in. In the future I would hope that someone would test that is closer to me and help to refine when my branch split from the main and get a better idea of where we need to be searching in terms of time and place.


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              I too took the Big Y test and then had it interpreted by YFull. At the time, FTDNA's analysis was remarkably uninformative. However, since then FTDNA has apparently upgraded the way they present the results, so I'm not sure whether it is still essential to get a "professional" interpretation from YFull or some other service. The net result was in fact very illuminating, I'm out on a little twig on the haplotree, well removed from the other men who share my surname, McCoy, and not clearly associated with any other sizeable group. That information helps me focus my research -- in this case, by not bothering to look for non-existent links with the other McCoy families who have been tested!