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Was H-M82, now H-SK1225

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  • Donald Locke
    The Y Haplogroup H project is up to $150.00 in donations, thanks to you whom have helped us out!

    The free Big Y test will be going to a British Romanichal of the Boswell surname and he has already agreed to accept this free test once the funds become available.

    Boswell is an important participant because his is one of the oldest, largest and more well known of the Romanichal family's of the UK. So getting him a free Big Y test is important for the project, so any financial help via donations to the Y Haplogroup H project is very much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Donald Locke
    started a topic Was H-M82, now H-SK1225

    Was H-M82, now H-SK1225

    While my Big Y results have not been reported just yet, my Y Haplogroup was just changed yesterday from H-M82 to H-SK1225 which is exciting because the M82 tree has just been expanded for the first time in a great many years.

    There is another Roma / Romany DNA participant whom completed his Big Y a few months ago, and I see he too tested positive for H-SK1225 like me, but at the moment he was placed in one SNP above where I was place, he is placed in H-M2772 but I suspect in time he will be moved down one SNP to SK1225 because he too is positive for SK1225.

    I am looking forward to seeing if I will be a Big Y match to this other Rom SK1225 participant. He and I are a low level
    Y DNA marker match, and he and I are also a Family Finder match, so I guess it stands to reason he and I could also be a Big Y match too. Maybe, possibly, hoping he is a Big Y match for me.

    As Admin of the Y Haplogroup H project, it is quite exciting to see the H* tree finally making progress thanks to a few participants taking the Big Y test.

    Because of the latest H tree expansions thanks to participants taking the Big Y test, the Y Haplogroup H project is now seeking donations to help pay for more free Big Y tests for existing participants to help continue this Haplo tree advancement.

    If you are interested in making a donation to the project, please visit the project web page and click on the donation link. Thanks in advance for any help!