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Vertical axis on haplotrees meaningless?

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  • Vertical axis on haplotrees meaningless?

    Let's so you have Node A1, with branches, A1A1, and A1B1.

    There's a sample in A1*, so we know it does not match any of the downstream branches. Eventually, it finds a home. I notice in the case of my clade on ftdna's snp tree, ftdna put that kit on A1C1, i.e. it was on the last branch, from top to bottom.

    Later, my test results came in. I was put between A1 and B1, moving the next two kits down in order.

    Surely that has to have some meaning. When the first kit I mentioned was in A1*, you knew that nothing downstream matched it. Now that it is in C1, can you infer the same thing? Does the branching then go from bottom to top, in terms of most recent to most distant? Or, when a clade is assigned to a kit in the paraphyletic group, is that information just lost?