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When will BAM files become available again?

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    Originally posted by dna View Post
    I can download a BAM, but it is identical to the one I downloaded three (3) years ago...

    Mr. W.
    Same here. My BAM file is exactly the same size as the original I received in 2015. Wondering if anyone knows anything regarding the status of such files with regard to hg38?


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      I don’t have the wherewithal to install the samtools, but I’m assuming my BAM is the Hg38 alignment, given that my BigY results just became available in February and this is the first BAM file that has ever been available to me.


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        If you first got BigY results this year, the BAM is b38.

        I've still not seen a b38 BAM that was converted from the old, pre-last-fall-orders, b37/hg19 results.

        And they are still refusing to give straight answers about when those will appear. FTDNA has gone to the "big company" model of making sure that customers have to get answers from people who are intentionally can carefully kept ignorant of the real answers. Even Janine Cloud does not know the answer,
        or the "real reason" that "there really is no answer yet, even for the people actually in the know". I suspect that that the last quote marks is correct.