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Better explanation of BigY Results (?)

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  • Better explanation of BigY Results (?)

    There are 3 tabs in the Results pages.

    Named Variants seems largely useless.

    Unnamed Variants seems to list a set of SNPs of interest to me.

    Matching seems to list other BigYers who match one or more of my Unnamed Variant SNPs.
    Of my 14 Unnamed Variant SNPs, 6 of them have matches ranging from 2 to 4 to 44 people out of the 263 people in the DF105 subgroup under M222. *
    8 of the Unnamed Variant SNPs do not have any matches and would seem to be unique to me (or some will end up matching my relatives of the last millenium or so.)

    A couple questions -
    Does the above seem like a reasonable explanation?
    Why would I have Unnamed Variant SNP matches with different groups? How can I have multiple, non-overlapping SNP matches? (Are they coincidental matches?)


    * There is a backward way of finding these. I have an Excel spreadsheet with columns of the Unnamed Variants and rows of the Match names and the Non-Matching Variant lists. There is a find formula that searches for the Variant names in the Non-Matching Variant data; where there is an error, that indicates that there is a match (!)
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