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Confused with new Big Y

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  • Confused with new Big Y

    I have just had my husband's Big Y back and a tad confused.

    On his dashboard it says R-Y17733 I can not even load the halplotree- gives error message "Error
    There was a problem loading your data.

    Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.

    Big Y screen shows

    Z304 R-Z304 0
    DF98 R-DF98 0
    S18823 R-S18823 0
    S22069 R-S22069 0
    S8350 R-S8350 YOU 0

    Also when I try to order BAM file nothing happens when I press submit.

    Not sure if I have glitches or what!!


    Val B

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    FamilyTreeDNA has been doing a rather large reprocessing of Big Y files and changing from the older hg19 to the newer hg38 mappings of the Y-chromosome. I imagine their Haplotree is glitchy at this point in time due to the reprocessing.


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      I've had that problem with the haplotree. Try again and it usually loads right. If not, try again or at a later time. You can't request for the BAM file just yet. They are not taking requests until they have finished with the Big Y update and have processed all the backlog they have.

      The reason the "Submit" button did not work is that your version of the contact form may have been missing the "I'm not a robot" anti-spam box which is located next to the Submit button. You have to press it to have the contact form work. If the button did not appear, reload the page and that usually works.

      Join the appropriate haplogroup project. The admin(s) of that project may be able to help you understand your results. Which for you might be the R-U106 project.


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        Thanks all


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          i requested mine a week ago and they told me it be about a week or two