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Big Y enhancements started Oct 10th

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  • I had 6 new variants. One was an outright error which I reported yesterday. Remarkably, I got a reply today that
    the head of IT found the problem in the computer code and my results were fixed this morning. I do not know if the generic
    bug is fixed for everybody.

    Two new variants were known to me and were in fact already named. They are additional mutations that are phylogenetic equivalents for near-upstream clades. They are not reliable in BigY because they are very close to the edges of the amplified regions.

    The remaining three are in the 56,xxx,xxx region and of course are bogus.


    • Up to 87% overall.


      • Hopefully this will worth the wait?

        Originally posted by dtvmcdonald View Post
        Up to 87% overall.
        My closest Big Y match(9th cousin) got his results about 3 weeks ago, so I guess I am in the last group.


        • The VCF files are getting bloated! One today had over
          650,000 lines! 160 megabytes! most of these are not variants,
          but very very blah super good quality calls of reference alleles. I think they might leave out calls of reference
          with a quality of 1484.13.

          But my project is now at 7/8 done, 93% done in R1a and
          all the "important" ones arrived.


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            • Very odd. Zero results so far today!


              • Maybe they had the day off because it is Veteran's Day (Nov 11).


                • Actually yesterday, the 11th, is their busiest day of the year since they are having their conference. In any case,
                  I suspect that the delivery of b38 results is entirely up to
                  computers, not humans.


                  • Originally posted by dtvmcdonald View Post
                    Very odd. Zero results so far today!
                    In our small (150 member) surname project we rarely get new results on Saturdays. However, yesterday we did get one updated BigY result, the 25th out of 26 existing kits. So we have one to go, as well as four new BigY orders.


                    • from the projects I manage we are about 50% there
                      missing my Big-Y is one of them
                      Looking at what I do have where the matching is done
                      I like match results much better than the old ones where
                      there were so many 4000 year old matches
                      We are down to just a few matches ( one to three)
                      I am looking forward to my matching to known STR matches
                      I did not match a known 5th cousin but my brother did
                      I almost did not match my brother.

                      I am hopeful the new analysis will solve the problem
                      of false positives causing mismatches.


                      • In the R1a Clan Donald its clear that they gave rid themselves of all the problem SNPs that were causing mismatches, e.g. F3099.

                        We are at 96%, two to go in R1a. R1b is at exactly 10/11 done.


                        • Originally posted by JSW View Post
                          I did not match a known 5th cousin but my brother did
                          I almost did not match my brother. [----]
                          That sounds extremely interesting!

                          Thank you in advance, if you have time to write more.

                          Mr. W


                          • per comments from the 13th IGC hosted by FTDNA Bennett said the Big-Y update would be complete yesterday.

                            I am still awaiting two results including the one for my kit
                            My brother's matches were posted on the 10th
                            as expected he matched 6th cousin but not me (since my data
                            is not yet posted)

                            Anyone else missing results ?-


                            • Slow trickle of BigY

                              The small project I am watching (a subclade of R1b) has not had results for the last 3 days. We are showing 12 older kits remaining to be processed and 20 new kits for a total of 32 we are waiting on. 190 have completed the upgrade.

                              If you don't count the new kits, our project is resting at 94% complete.



                              • hg38 conversion

                                Has anyone seen any hg38 conversions of old Big Y test this week?