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  • Interpreting YFull HG and SNPs result page

    On my YFull account under the "Hg and SNPs" tab I have
    Y haplogroup: N-Y17113
    Hg Variants: N-Y17113*, N-Y17415
    Terminal SNP: 7 various FGC numbers + Y17113, Y17114, Y17115

    On FTDNA I am classified as N-Y17416, one step up from N-Y17415, according to the FTDNA Hg N tree.

    On the YFull tree Y17416 does not exist, but Y17113 is one step up from Y17415.

    How do I interpret the Hg variant N-Y17415 shown on my YFull results? I cannot find it among my SNP list so presumably I don't have the mutation, so what actually does it imply?