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    This may or may not be the right board to post this query, if not please redirect me.
    My husband has done the Ydna 111 marker test, kit # 222063.
    We have a 111/111 match 0 distance with kit # 535695. Kit #535695 has done the BigY.
    I am in communication with this cousin, and we are not getting any closer to solving this match.
    Cousin requested that I ask if should do the SNP test for Z17112 or the newer Z21380, to see if this would help her (not me, I am already confused) understand more.
    thank you

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    Cant hurt to join the group. George (Group Admin) will let you know if something looks off. There is a P312 SNP pack that was also for DF19s, but George mentioned DF19 might be getting their own SNP pack, so ask him once you join.