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Y-DNA Upgrade to Y67

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  • Y-DNA Upgrade to Y67

    I manage my dad's Y67 DNA profile and wanted to upgrade to a Y111 but I got the following message:

    "Y-DNA111 cannot be added because it already exists or is not allowed."

    Anyone with insight on why this would be? The Y-DNA 111 has not already been done so I am at a loss.


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    That is odd. Make sure you log into your father's kit first. Try again. It could be a temporary glitch with the site. If it still does not work, check the complete order history of that kit to see what Y-DNA testing has been done and ordered.

    If all else fails, you should contact FTDNA. On the top of this page you will see Customer Support link. Click it. Under the Support heading you can choose either "Contact Us" to get the phone number and hours they are open or "Open a request" to fill a form. If the form is used, they reply back using the email you provided. Depending on how busy they are, it might take more than a day to get a response.


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      Or call the help desk at Phone: (713) 868-1438 which is listed at the bottom of this page.


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        One common cause of that message:
        1) Customer starts ordering a test. He adds it to his shopping cart, then decides not to order right now. Test is still in his shopping cart!
        2) Customer later decides to go ahead and order the test. He tries to place it into his shopping cart again. He gets error message.