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  • Information on BY SNPs

    FTDNA is developing their BY SNPs from the Big Y results of folks. Unfortunately, FTDNA does not post any table to allow folks, including Haplogroup Project Administrators to connect the BY names with the SNP information from the Big Y results.

    I am a co-admin for the R-U106 Haplogroup Project. I am having members asking me for information about the BY SNPs FTDNA is assigning them and I am embarrassed to tell them I cannot help them because FTDNA doesn't even provide Project Admins this basic information.

    As an example: I recently received a request from an individual who told me they were assigned BY12203. They share this SNP with another individual (with the same surname). Looking at the Big Y results, I see where these two individuals share 6 SNPs (unnamed in the original Big Y results). I have no way of knowing which of these six SNPs is BY12203.

    I had asked about this issue at the recent Administrator's Conference and the only "answer" I was told was that I would need to contact Michael Sager each time for this information.

    It is far too difficult for me to track down the numerous unnamed SNPs in the Project I maintain to request names, and I can well imagine it would be impossible for one individual at FTDNA to handle the innumerable requests from all of the Haplogroup projects for this information.

    A better solution is needed.

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    Ybrowse may help

    I studied my BY in "Ybrowse".


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      I am facing the same problem. I am an Administrator and I need access to the BY* SNP information.

      The problem with the Ybrowse is that it doesn't yet have all the new BY* SNPs such as "BY14239".


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        Supposedly, if you turn in a ticket to FTDNA asking them for the BY SNPs with their position and ancestral and derived alleles they will email you a CSV file. There is a file that is from December on the Anthrogenica forum.


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          Originally posted by Armando View Post
          There is a file that is from December on the Anthrogenica forum.
          The title of the thread at Anthrogenica is "FTDNA BY SNP Details"

          The file is in the XLSM format and it is located at