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Matches on Y-67/111 & Big-Y

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  • Matches on Y-67/111 & Big-Y

    I match John Barron on 64 of 67 markers, as well as Bruce Barron on 106 of 111 markers and 66 of 67 markers.

    What is the possibility that they would join some of my 16 private snps ?

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    There is a very high probability they will have at least a few of your private SNPs but there is only one way to know for sure that they actually do.


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      Here's my real life example.

      I match someone 63/67 and 104/111. His paternal line has a different surname than mine and lived about 200 miles from where my paternal line lived in the 1800s. However, this match shares several off-modal marker counts with me and we both tested as CTS2509+. That subclade is about 2,000 years old.

      I had Big Y done and later paid for his Big Y test. He shared 9 of the 13 novel variants that were found in my Big Y results and named by Full Genomes Corp. (FGC). Now we know that the common ancestor lived maybe 500-700 years ago.

      My paternal line is a brick wall, with no way to knock it down through paper trail research. So, now I have 4 novel variants found in my Big Y results that can be used to find matches who share a common paternal line ancestor with me within the last 500 years.