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  • Haplogroup E-Y3183

    Hi all,

    I have just received my father's snp results and now his haplogroup is finally defined as: E-Y3183

    I was trying to find something more about this partcular branch ( or a branch close to it), but can't find too much info.

    Does anybody on the forum belongs to this subclade ( or one close to it) or does anybody have any knowledge about it to share with me?
    Thank you for any information

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    I don't think there is too much information about E-Y3183 (yet)

    Yfull estimates TMRCA of Y3183 at 3900 ybp,
    L618-EV13 NGS Project estimates TMRCA at 4300 ybp

    Path from E-V13 is:


    Known subclade of Y3183 is S2972 , I think that SNP is included in SNP pack, is your father negative for S2972 ?

    At M35 project you can check for others that are positive for Y3183


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      Thank you so much for your comment and especially for showing me the path from E-V13 to E-Y3183, now it is much more clear to me.

      Yes, my father tested negative for S2972.

      So far, I have found one E-Y3183 in the German project ( my father's paternal line is Austrian/German, so this one is possibly some kind of relation).

      I will check the M35 project as well.

      Thank you again!


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        Hello Dora,
        I am the other Y3183 you mentioned seeing. Danica gave you almost all that is available on this haplogroup. I see you joined the E-V13 project. If you go to Links and scroll down to Bird's hypothesis of possible distribution E-V13, I found it interesting.
        There were two other E-Y3183 members last December. They advanced to the next level by taking the Big Y test. One is from Scotland and the other is from Bulgaria. If you subscribe to Bird's hypothesis, it fits nicely.
        Good Hunting ! Jay


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          Hello Kolwezi,

          Thank you so much for your comment! I'm sorry, I have just read your reply, haven't been visiting the forum lately. It's nice to "meet" another E-Y3183, as it seems that there are not to many people in this subclade

          Yes, I think the Bird's hypothesis is very plausible. I hope we will be able to find out more about our haplogroup soon and about the history of our ancestors from this interesting line!

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