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Can't see Big-Y Results/Results URL?

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  • Can't see Big-Y Results/Results URL?

    I ordered Big-Y a while back. Two days ago a new set of Y-STR results appeared, and my Big-Y was listed as "Completed" under "Complete order history".

    My dashboard also started showing a Big-Y section, with an order date of two days ago (?), and with an "Awaiting Results" button that leads to a page that lists the batch number and original estimated completion date.

    Yesterday I began receiving "We Found a New Big Y Match!" emails, with a "View My Matches" link that leads to the the "Awaiting Results" page.

    Not surprisingly, email to FTDNA support hasn't resulted in any answers yet.

    My questions: Is this the normal? (It's certainly broken, but I can imagine that's 'normal'.) Does anybody have the canonical URL to the Big-Y results page, in case I'm able to access that directly (

    Many thanks!

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    In the upper left corner of your account's main page, try

    MyFTDNA > Big Y > Results


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      Ah, missed those links, thanks. But unfortunately both also lead to the "Awaiting Results" page.


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        Same Here

        Mine is doing the exact same, except no match emails yet.

        I called in and was told it will take a few more days for all the results to post, as it was going through a final quality check.


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          Also i have similar problem .
          i got my y67 test results 2 days ago but i got just markers values results and i can't access to my haplogroup result and also i didn't get my matches results.


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            I received a response from FTDNA on the subject; they too gave me the "final quality check" answer, along with "available by the end of the week."


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              I have the same issue. Test completed on 5/16. I called on the 17th and was told; it was an IT issue and a bug fix would be requested. Haven't heard anything since. Anyone get their results yet?


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                My Big Y results are still not available, test completed 5/16.


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                  My results are posted!!! Thanks FTDNA for providing them so fast, even with the little delay last week!!


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                    Received my results this morning 5/23.


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                      I received my Big Y results today as well.