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Big Y vs. 111 Markers "Matches" different

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  • Big Y vs. 111 Markers "Matches" different

    I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if not if they might know what is going on. I've contacted FTDNA support but they haven't gotten back.

    Essentially, I am wondering why the people that I get with the 111 Markers are different than those of the Big Y.

    Particularly when, I believe that the 111 Marker relatives have done the Big Y as well.

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    The BigY matching algorithm has a bug so you need to have your haplogroup project admin or YFull or FullGenomes Corp analyze your BigY results to find your terminal SNP and then you can contact your 111 marker matches to see if they have done the same and if so which SNPs they share with you and if not let them know they need to do the same.