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    Got an e-mail this morning that I had a Big Y match. I know enough not to get overly excited, but this guy is so far down the line from me that I never should have been notified. Yes, he's only a GD of 4 for the SNPs that FTDNA has listed on their tree, but his terminal SNP marks a different known subclade.

    Suggestion to FTDNA: figure out a way to filter terminal SNPs which result in known subclade differences from those that don't. I can't imagine the confusion this is causing.

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    Not only is the Big Y Match notification confusing for most, it also has the effect of making us tune out any future notifications about matches. I always ignore any such messages from FTDNA, based on experience. So if a significant match somehow does come along, I will probably miss it! I just check FTDNA, YFull, Big Tree, etc. every few months. So far, I'm still out on a twig by myself.


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      I open the messages just to see what they are, but usually ignore them too. What's even more frustrating is that there is an account with an FMS that is most likely a match to my father's FMS, but because the mutation is on the HVR1, they won't count it. This is despite the fact that of the four known cases of the subclade, three are in Italy, and this one is maybe 20 miles from his grandmother's village.


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        Originally posted by John McCoy View Post
        So far, I'm still out on a twig by myself.
        I have only one valid Big Y match with an estimated TMRCA of 1,500 ybp. But it's great that he's also Southern Italian; as of now, our shared SNP *might* indicate the first known J1 Italian subclade.


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          I hope you are on the J1 Project, which produces this state-of-the-art tree:

          There's also a Facebook J1 Project. I'm not subscribed to that.