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  • Big Y- Can it tell me....

    Does the Big Y test offer me anything in terms of whats downstream of E-L241…e.g., E-B414 etc

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    Since you mentioned E-B414 and I don't see it on FTDNA's tree, I am guessing you are going off by what YFull (which does has it) or some other tree that does have it. To determine more downstream SNPs, more people who are E-B414 will have to have taken the Big Y and submit it to YFull for analysis. Depending on how much they differ from the other E-B414 members, a new subclade could be created.

    Each of those current E-B414 members have some novel SNPs that only they appear to have relative to the database they are in. If another user has some of those same SNPs, then a subclade can be created with those who share them.

    So yes, you could say the Big Y does offer you something on what is downstream, but it is dependent on others who have the same SNPs as you. So maybe in the future you end up seeing a new downstream SNP if someone with a common ancestor in the past few thousand of years take the test.