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    It does not matter how many YSTRs one tests you will always need a SNP test to determine the relationship, so the BigY is the most resolute test for a male.


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      67 match with same surname

      Several years ago I had a match that was 5 steps out at 67 markers, who shared my Schroeder surname. His furthest back paternal ancestor was Luke Schroeder, born in England in 1800. I checked my paternal line tree, and discovered that Kord Schroeder, the brother of my gr-gr-grandfather, Jakob Schroeder, was born in 1775 (in Lower Saxony), and the site showed "No Children".

      The "No Children" label also showed for my gr-grandfather, Johann Schroeder, since he emigrated to Brooklyn, NY in 1866, and the site doesn't keep track of emigres. So I consider Kord Schroeder as a good candidate to be Luke Schroeder's father, presumably moving to England as an adult.

      Our STR results are listed at the Schroeder Surname Project:

      He shows positive for E-L542, at the above site, but I don't believe I am positive for that SNP. I will have to check.

      I have not yet done the Big-Y, but plan to do so, and will encourage my match to do the same.


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        I just checked my SNP tree and I am "Presumed Positive" for E-L542.

        I am 16-18 for 385a/b, while he is 15-17. But this counts for 1-step, as these two markers move in tandem. He and I are 9 and 10, respectively, for marker 511, 23 and 21 for marker 413a, and 23 and 24 for marker 481.
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