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    My paternal ancestry is from Northern Norway.
    I have haplogroup J2b2, and with no matches in the regular STR matching.

    With BigY-Matching, I match 3 people of Moksha/Erzya and Tatar origin, and 2 Americans of unknown origin, all with 0 known SNP differences.

    How reliable is the BigY-matching?
    I barely match a person of half tatar, half bashkir origin with autosomal DNA, and a few(2-3) matches to Russians of Moksha/Erzya origin.

    David from Eurogenes analyzed the autosomal DNA, and found a slight pull to Russian, Kazakh and North-Ossetians, but couldnt explain it, but hypothesized possible Gypsy somewhere in the family.

    So far I have dismissed these distant autosomal matches as "noise", or old "finno-ugric affinity"(my dad is Finnish on his mothers side).

    Does the BigY suggest I actually do have some ancestry far back, to the Erzya, Moksha or Tatar?
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    For Y-DNA J1, the BigY results are not proving very useful. Zero-difference cases are probably not related within 4,000 to 6,000 years. The administrator of the J1 project is somehow analyzing the .bam files of BigY customers to tease out more informative SNPs. You might ask the administrator of the J2 project if anyone is doing the same for J2.


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      drogin, it really is best to have YFull do a professional analysis. They have a large amount of files to compare your to. You can see the J2 tree that they have at