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    Is that just a guess?


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      Originally posted by Sarmat View Post
      Is that just a guess?
      7-9 weeks was the timeframe that FTDNA gave after the kit was batched.

      Although, I might have been an optimist, and it could have been 8-10 weeks...

      My problem with Big Y is the analysis of the results



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        ...or lack thereof.

        Anyway, their estimated completion time for Big Y is 8-10 weeks, but I think their estimated completion times are pretty much meaningless.

        In my own case, communication between the company president and the lab revealed that my sample "was left off a previous run due to space limitations and was picked up in the next batch."

        It's a little unclear if the "previous run" was even the batch one would expect based on the order date or if it was actually an even later batch.

        Then, for tests that require a second run for extra coverage ("XCov"), it remains unclear how often those runs are actually conducted. I've asked this question of several representatives of FTDNA and have not gotten a reply. I do know that in the case of my sample, it had not yet undergone an XCov run as of last week, which was more than 160 days after it was ordered.

        So the 8-10 week estimate is really pretty meaningless, especially if FTDNA is both aware of and remains completely comfortable with the fact that the test could very well take six months or more.