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  • What's next? Anything?

    A few years ago I read some articles that suggested the distant future of SNP testing may be eventually so refined as to able to distinguish between each father and son in a family tree.

    I can't remember now all the exact articles of that time but this one from a few years ago contributed to by Chris Tyler-Smith of the CTS SNP series seemed to suggest at least one SNP per generation...

    More recently perhaps last year I remember people suggesting multiple SNP's per generation exist even if they can't currently be detected.

    Roll on a couple of years and some people are already suggesting that BigY may be finding an SNP on average every three or four generations and that a competitor test may be as good as finding one every 2-3 generations.

    My current understanding (that could well be wrong) is that there really are the predicted number SNP's per generation that were hypothesised a few years ago but many are not suited to the current generation of sequencing tests (my own DF27 seems to defy being traced by anything but a Sanger test for example) or are in 'unmappable' regions of the Y chromosome.

    I have done some googling on upmappable regions but other than the obvious implication of 'unmappable' what I don't understand is if this is to do with the current level of technology/cost or if some or all of these 'unmappable' regions are never likely to be understood or useful.

    Are BigY and it's competitors as close to as good as we can hope or is there reason to still dream we can get close to one SNP or better than one SNP per generation at some point? Could we perhaps see a BigY-PLus and then a BigY-FYS in the future for example or is this pretty much it?