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  • CTS11722


    Just wondering if anyone can confirm that CTS11722 is the same as L1065? Or is CTS11722 a different SNP?

  • #2 has them listed as synonyms. This is also known as S749 if you are comparing with a BISDNA test.


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      Thank you for the clarification Jim, it is appreciated.


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        Just wondering if anyone is in the same position as myself. Prior to the Big Y Test I had tested L1065+ however with the new tree I am now only presumed to be CTS11722. Anyone in a similar position?


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          For a brief period I was classified by the R-L21 project as L1065, then the new haplotree came out and I became CTS6838, which appears to be "equivalent" (?) to L1065. I have no idea why the haplotree picked CTS6838 for the defining SNP, if L1065=CTS11722=S749 was already in use for that same twig. It doesn't seem like progress to me just to rename everything, since that's a very powerful way to impede communication. Does anyone have the back story on this?


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            John, from what I can see it appears that half the people who tested positive from L1065 (prior to the Bg Y and new snp tree) are now counted as being only CTS6838+. I believe that this is either a computer program glitch or a method to have persons test from he same snp again (under a different name).

            L1335 = S530

            CTS11722 = L1065 = S749

            The new tree has me listed as R-CTS6838 and only presumed positive for CTS11722 (even though I tested positive for L1065) as well as presumed positive for CTS7030, even though Big y results indicate that I am positive for both CTS11722 and CTS7030.

            I have taken all of my DNA testing through FTDNA to date and therefore presume/am worried that FTDNA has labeled me as a Milk Cow. As it appears that I have been wrongly label as presumed for both CTS11722 and CTS7030, which I can only guess as it was hoped that I would pay for further testing to be positive for CST11722 and CTS7030. I have brought this issue up to FTDNA as soon as it came out, however it has not been changed. This situation seems similar but not as oblivious as when the new tree first came out many individuals had many "Tests Available" listed on their SNP page.

            Currently, this is not personally a big deal to me, however if FTDNA releases an ability to show your SNP matches I will (among others I assume) miss out on making the most on such a service.

            I hope this and similar issues will be corrected prior to an SNP matching service.

            Anyone else in a similar situation?