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    Hi all,

    Sorry for the delayed update -- I've been traveling all day today.

    Per FTDNA management, Big Y data was not re-analyzed, and a reanalysis would not be done without announcing it first.

    I've been advised that the seemingly re-processed and missing results were the result of a glitch, and most -- if not all -- of those issues should now be resolved. The contacts of the affected kits should have received an email about this from FTDNA today.



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      My Big Y results has re-confirmed me as Q-Z780 which means little to me as I've yet to understand the very basics of interpreting my Y-DNA results. I have been unable to communicate with the project administrator, who kindly funded the test, so have no justification in expecting too much of them.

      I'm led to believe from the FTDNA help desk that there is a Q-Z780 project but is not currently set up on the FTDNA website. I am a member of the Q project.

      Any assistance that can be provided to this complete Y-DNA novice would be greatly appreciated.

      I'm also new to this kind of forum so apologies if I've chosen an inappropriate thread.


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        Q-Z780 appears to be exclusively Native American.

        It can also be called Q-CTS1780 or Q-CTS2730.

        This FTDNA project says, "We are now accepting Native American C3 and Native American Q." You qualify. You can see several members who are Q-Z780 or Q-CTS1780. The bad news is that I see several members who are ungrouped--often a sign that the project is inactive. But the project has three administrators, so hopefully at least one will answer you.

        Of course, if you are certain that your patrilineage is not Native American, you constitute an amazing discovery indeed.

        Also: I recommend that you request your BAM file (raw data, actually a hyperlink to a 1-GB file) from FTDNA ([email protected]). When you receive that hyperlink, submit it to YFull for professional analysis. The small fee is well worth it. FullGenomes also provides professional analysis of BAM files, at almost the same price.
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          Many thanks for this information.

          I do have a contradiction in that a family photograph and supporting letter c1870 suggests my ancestry to be black African!


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            Originally posted by Prussian View Post
            I do have a contradiction in that a family photograph and supporting letter c1870 suggests my ancestry to be black African!
            I am not an expert in 19th-century American sociology, but...

            My understanding is that "racial" labels were sometimes ambiguous at that time:

            - People with sub-Saharan (dark-skinned African) ancestry might claim American Indian heritage instead, for social acceptance reasons.

            - People with American Indian ancestry might be labeled by others (e.g.., political opponents or business competitors) as "mulatto," implying African-American heritage.

            - In certain parts of the country, runaway or freed slaves might intermingle (and eventually have children) with Native Americans who refused to move to a reservation.
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