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    Originally posted by wighty44 View Post
    I just noticed that many of my FTDNA WTY SNP test results do not appear on my new Y-Haplotree.

    I'd ask FTDNA about that but the last time I asked them about an issue related to the new Y-tree their reply was a generic multiple answer email that didn't even come close to answering my question.

    It sure seems like the WTY test results should be reflected on the Y-tree.

    I'm beginning to wonder if I wasted my time & money on the WTY...
    Are your missing WTY SNPs considered phylogenetically significant by the relevant haplogroup project administrators? By "phylogenetically significant," I mean that others have been found positive for your missing WTY SNPs. Or are the SNPs you're posting about considered "private" by those who are knowledgeable about your haplogroup/subclade?


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      Not private SNPs, but SNPs like U152, U106, L194, etc.

      These are on FTDNA's new Y-tree, but are not color-coded to show my test results.