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What part of the Y chromosome does Big Y sequence?

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  • What part of the Y chromosome does Big Y sequence?

    What are the start and end positions (with respect to build 37) of the region of the Y chromosome that Big Y sequences? I understand that the start and end positions won't be the same for everyone, so there will be a range of start and end positions.

    Thank you!
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    There are a vast number of disconnected small regions
    I made a graph of one person. The vertical axis is
    the length of a region and the horizontal is its end point.

    There is a small region around 59,000,00 but it seems

    Hopefully a picture is attached.

    Doug McDonald
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      Thank you for the pic! The "vast number of disconnected small regions" seems like a strange way for FTDNA to do it. I can see the rationale in avoiding the area near the centromere, and the palindromic arms, and the combining regions, but this seems more random than that.