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    I have no idea how to open the bed file on a Big Y result. My comp directs me to a page with various suggestions but I do not know which info is safe. Does anyone have a safe link to a way to open this file? Many thanks.

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    Both bed and vcf files are perfectly ordinary text files.
    Any text editor, word processor, or Excel or any spreadsheet program will open them.

    They are Excel tab separated files. You just can't double click them to open them.

    FTDNA itself tells you where to look to see what's in them.

    This is not true of .bam files, which are binary. There
    is a way to convert them to Excel tab separated files (of which they are just a compressed version) but they multiply by 5 in size. But its better to use a custom bam viewer program.
    I use Bamview.


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      I had the same problem. Try opening excel first, then navigate to the location of your saved bed file and then open.


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        Many thanks.