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    There have been a couple of posts from people who don't think there is much that can be done yet with their BiyY results. I thought it might be useful to have this thread for ideas of what people have been doing or are planning on doing with them and what they hope to learn by doing so.

    By sharing these ideas we might help each other get best value from the results.

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    To get the ball rolling...

    One of the first things I will be doing is analysing my novel variants. My current known terminal SNP is DF27 which may be between 4,000 and 5,000 years old.

    BigY should give me a list of newly discovered 'novel' SNP's. There may be over 100 of these going by other people results.

    If it's true that BigY may discover an SNP every 3 generations or so in my direct Y linage then about 40 of my novel SNP's will be downstream of DF27. If I have 100 novels reported therefore about 60 of those must be upstream of DF27.

    So on of the first things I will do is create a list of my novels and start to research them making notes as I go.

    Project administrators are already finding out that some of the 'novels' are shared by people at very high levels in the tree so I will start by cribbing from their research and making appropriate notes against the relevant SNP's that I have. For this I have already been keeping track of conversations in the relevant project groups.

    Then I will work through the results of people who share my current terminal who have been kind enough to share their results and see who I match. If I match everyone or most people for a given novel in DF27 I can start to place those novels near the top of MY tree and I will make notes against any SNP's that I share with no one as potentially being from the last few hundred years - perhaps one of them might be totally unique having originated in me!

    From this I hope to start to learn the order in which each of my novel SPN's originated in time from the common DF27 ancestor, generation by generation down to me.

    What is everyone else planning to do with their results?



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      work with Haplogroup Project

      I would encourage folks to work with their Haplogroup Project. Many of them are helping analyze the data, and screening out upstream SNPs as well as identifying new clades for their haplogroup.

      In addition, for those families who have a well developed genealogy, you can pair up results to find out approximately when some SNPs occurred.

      For example, I am the Genealogist for the Wing Family of America, Inc. [WFA,] The WFA is for descendants of Rev. John Winge (1584-1630). I have my Big Y results, and I have asked someone who descends from a different son of Rev. John to also test the Big Y. From our results, we will see which SNPs we don't match - those come from after our common ancestor in 1584.

      With this baseline (two individuals with a known common origin), I can have other families Big Y test to see how many SNPs we diverge and compare with the Wing results to get a rough idea when our two families diverged.


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        Originally posted by Earl Davis View Post
        If it's true that BigY may discover an SNP every 3 generations or so in my direct Y linage then about 40 of my novel SNP's will be downstream of DF27.
        The latest expert estimate I've seen says to expect one reliable SNP per 165 years of history from the Big Y.

        The every-3-generations number was for FGC's more complete (and more expensive) product.